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·The pipeline is made of all the red copper and conducted by heat transfer medium liquid. Water can't flow in vacuum tubes and operated when confined. The manifold uses Aluminum alloy mould material of high strength with Air flow design. It is furnished in good style.

·Can withstand high pressure when it works.

·Module design, arbitrary combination, which can meet the demand of large water consumption  

Technical parameters:

manifold (inner): red copper

manifold (exterior): aluminum alloy

glass tube dimensions: 58mm * 1800mm

daily efficiency: ≥55%

hail resistance: 25mm

max pressure: 12 bar

coating of vacuum tube: ALN/AIN-SS/CU

heat pipe: anti-freezing > -35 degree

working principle:

Suntask Special anti-freezing design make the heat pipe be suitable for cold area and long lifetime service.

A Suntask’s

B. The other companies’


Faster start speed and high power is the most advantage of Suntasks heat pipes. In the same condition of testing, Suntask heat pipe quicker 30-50% on start speed and higher 30-50% temperature.

A Suntasks

B The other companies

high performance heat pipe, cold resistance -45℃, highest stagnation temperature 280℃