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Does Solar Collector Work in Winter?

2023-02-11 09:40:24 Click:

Yes, a solar collector does work in winter. However it will be a lot less efficient than it is over the summer. For this reason you will likely need to rely more heavily on your boiler, immersion heater or other backup water heating system as the solar collector installation will not be contributing the same ratio of your homes hot water.


Can Solar Collectors freeze?

First, a solar collector should not freeze over winter. This is because indirect or closed loop systems work by pumping a solution containing antifreeze through the collector. This solution then flows through a coil in your hot water cylinder to heat up the water for use in your home, so in actual fact no cold water flows through the collectors themselves and risks freezing.

Second, Suntask solar collector uses an advanced anti-freezing heat pipe, which is made of a high-purity copper pipe by advanced frost-resistance manufacturing technique, can survive tests without noticeable distortion or frost damage at -30.00℃.

How do solar collectors work in rainy seasons?

Your solar heating system will be 100% water proof, meaning it will work perfectly fine even in the wettest of weather. In order for a solar hot water heater to work and provide you uninterrupted water at a decent temperature that you can use you need two things – a constant supply of water, and a little bit of sun. You will be surprised at how little sun you need to get your water to temperature – modern systems are extremely efficient.

Is it still worth installing solar collector in the winter?

Yes. Although the heat produced by your solar collector is reduced over the winter months, throughout the year it can dramatically reduce your heating bills. According to solarthermalworld.org, a Suntask solar collector could provide 60% of your hot water as an average throughout the year, with it producing around 90% at the height of summer and 25% in the winter. This can be a huge saving and is a great renewable alternative to heating all of your water using gas or electricity.

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