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From cars to pasta: How solar thermal energy is used in industry

2021-07-17 13:00:04 Click:

The easiest way to use solar energy is to simply use its heat. It's not quite as banal as it sounds. Because the question at issue here is: How can I conserve other energy sources by using solar thermal energy?

A simple do-it-yourself example would be to put the clothes horse in the sun in summer instead of throwing the clothes in the dryer. It doesn't take much longer, but you save a lot of energy and emissions: Tumble dryers consume two to four times as much electricity per load as a 60-degree wash. But of course, solar quick drying only works when the sun is shining brightly.

Solar heat for home use

Sun rays can be used a little more regularly by bundling them and storing their energy. At home this works with solar thermal systems on the house roof. The rays of the sun heat a liquid that flows through dark tubes and absorbs the heat radiation from the sun and transfers it to the water in an insulated tank via heat exchangers.

In Germany, Suntask vacuum tube collectors can cover the energy for around 50 percent of a househould's hot water preparation.

Incidentally, such solar thermal systems can not only heat the mains water, but also the heating water. In winter, when you need the heating most, the yield is lower and you have to switch an another energy source. But it is still enough to reduce the consumption of electricity, gas or oil. And that can be worthwhile when it comes to heating, because aournd 60 percent of enegy is used in German households for heating and hot water.

Industrial process heat from tube collectors

It looks very similar with industrial production plants. In Germany, around 30 percent of total energy consumption (including transport) is accounted for by industry and more than half of that is thermal energy. Why shouldn't solar heat also provide at least part of the energy sustainably in industry?

Indivialual companies are already doing this. For example: The Petri forwarding company founded in Montabaur in 1959 has specialized in silo transport.They use Suntask SHC CPC solar collectors to heat the cleaning water which clean the silo wagons throughly before a new load can be picked up.

Suntask vacuum tube solar collector are Solar Keymark certificated and eligible for BAFA. They are available with multiple mounting and installation options.