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What is the best time to install a residential solar heater?

2021-06-07 14:30:39 Click:

A residential solar heater has the main function of providing hot or warm water at different points in the house. For this, it is based on capturing the sun's rays and transforming thermal energy.

As seasons are very different, it is common to question whether there is a better time for this installation to happen. Once you know the answer to this question, you can make the most of this feature.

What are the benefits of installing mid-year?

One of the possibilities is to say that the best time to install a residential solar heater is in the middle of the year, such as July or August. This is because, in most places, winter is a dry period, which means good incidence of sunlight.


Furthermore, from that time onwards, the sun starts to come out with intensity due to the approach of spring. Combining all of this with less hot temperatures, there is a need to use heated water, while good opportunities arise.


In addition, there tends to be a lower demand at this time, which can make hiring cheaper or, at the very least, reduce the waiting time for installation.


And the advantages of adopting during the summer?

On the flip side, there are the benefits involved in installing a residential solar heater in summer. In this phase, the solar incidence is the most intense of the year and, commonly, the warmest temperatures of the period occur.


With this, the boiler does not lose as much heat and the water is kept hot as needed. On rainy days, which are not uncommon during the high heat season, hot water comes in handy for comfort.


On top of that, this element can still be used for pool water, albeit partially. With this, there is the best possible use of hot water in different parts of the house.


After all, when is the best time to install a residential solar heater?

Between these two possibilities, the question arises about the right time to carry out the installation. The answer, however, is quite simple: as soon as possible.


That's because from the moment the solar heater is installed, there starts to be a return on investment.


Whether in winter or summer, the electricity bill is reduced and the environment is less burdened thanks to the use of a highly sustainable option.


Therefore, once you are convinced of the feasibility and benefits of this equipment, it is best to install it as soon as possible. There are no restrictions to start enjoying the element, which allows for excellent performance.


The right time to install a residential solar heater can be during the middle of the year or even summer. The important thing is to do the installation as soon as possible, generating an excellent result for your electricity bill.


Do you have any questions about the best time of year to do this procedure? Let us know in the comments!